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Please see below our most frequently asked questions about Inner Strength Nutrition. You will find our FAQs cover: Inner Strength Autoship, General Delivery Information, and Practitioner-Only Products.

How does Inner Strength Autoship work?

Inner Strength Nutrition encourages your proactive journey to optimal health by rewarding you with Inner Strength Autoship savings. Purchase your products through Inner Strength Autoship and you regularly receive a 5% Discount PLUS Free Shipping PLUS convenient direct-to-door delivery. You choose the frequency, or it can be specified by your health practitioner, and you can cancel at any time. It’s the easiest and most money-saving way you can support your journey to optimal health.

How do I set up, change, or cancel my Inner Strength Autoship?

With Inner Strength Autoship you have the freedom and flexibility to manage your account at any time. You can do this online once you've registered and logged in to your Inner Strength account. Even if you’re a current Inner Strength customer, you will need to register to set up your Inner Strength Autoship. You will then have complete access to your Inner Strength purchase history. As always, if you need to delay or cancel your next order, you can do so at any time. Simply call us on 03 544 77 86 or

How do I establish the Autoship frequency for my products?

In working with your Practitioner, and by looking at your product usage – ie. the number and frequency of supplements taken – you can easily calculate when you will run out, and thus how often your supply needs to be ordered to keep you on your path towards your health and fitness goals. You can contact our friendly administration team at or call us on 03 544 7786 for assistance with tracking.

For non-Inner Strength Autoship deliveries, do I get charged for shipping?

Shipping for these orders incurs a flat-rate shipping cost of $6.50, or $9.50 for rural deliveries. Complimentary direct-to-door shipping is given to any customers using Inner Strength Autoship.

How long is your general processing and delivery time?

Mon-Fri orders placed before 12pm are processed that same day. Orders placed before 12pm should be delivered in 2-3 days, orders placed after 12pm should be delivered in 3-4 days. *A small number of our products are not stocked on hand and may have an additional wait time. These products will have a notification regarding the different delivery date when added to your cart.

Do you ship products outside of New Zealand?

We generally do not ship internationally. If you are an existing Inner Strength Nutrition customer who has relocated overseas, or would simply like enquire about a cost to have products specially shipped to you, please contact us on information on 03 544 7786 or

How can I track my order?

Once your order has been dispatched you will receive an e-mail with all the relevant tracking information.

I’ve ordered my products, but I no longer need them, what can I do?

Please get in touch with our administration team immediately about your order on 03 544 7786 or at Note: orders must be canceled or updated 24 hours prior to shipping, and a cancelation and return fee may apply. A full refund (minus any cancelation or return fees) will be made once the products have been returned to us.

Why do you have Practitioner-Only products?

Inner Strength Nutrition's Practitioner-Only range has been specifically developed to meet the prescriptive needs of qualified health and fitness practitioners, and to satisfy those companies supplying us who insist their superior formulations are not at any risk of being associated or confused with any other products.

How can I access the Practitioner-Only range?

Our Practitioner-Only products are available through a separate application process to ensure their mandate of Practioner-Only status is strictly maintained. Simply put, this means we cannot distribute these products to you unless you are an Inner Strength / Health Function client or are working with a Qualified Practitioner. For further information about accessing our Practitioner-Only products, or to inquire about becoming an Inner Strength client, please contact administration on (03) 544 7786 or

I am already under the guidance of an existing practitioner, can I purchase from your Practitioner-Only range?

We are happy to consider how we can provide you with a solution to your nutritional supplement needs – please contact administration on (03) 544 7786 or

How do I know if a product I see is Practioner-Only?

Any product from the Practitioner-Only range will have a pop-up notification when you view the product information. You will also see this notification when you go to Check-Out.

What if I can’t find the Inner Strength product my practitioner has recommended?

Please contact us directly on 03 544 7786 or and we will do our best to assist.

Can Inner Strength order for me Practitioner-Only products not in your current range.

In some cases we are able to look at bringing in specialty lines for our customers. Please contact us directly on 03 544 7786 or

I’m a health and/or fitness practitioner – can my clients obtain their Practitioner-Only supplies via Inner Strength Nutrition?

Dependent on the companys’ supply standards and regulations, we will do our best to service the needs of other practitioners and their clients. Please contact us directly on 03 544 7786 or for more in-depth discussion.