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Magnesium Diasporal

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Vendor: Bio-Practica

Product Details

This product is available exclusively from Inner Strength's Professional range, by either;

  • Providing a script/documentation from a qualified practitioner
  • For clients registered in our membership database
  • Through practitioner consultation for new clients.

To inquire about accessing this range of quality formulations click the link to register your details here 

 20 Sachets

Magnesium-Diasporal is a clinically trialled high strength Magnesium, which has rapid absorption into the cells to improve the body’s Magnesium levels fast. Studies show Magnesium-Diasporal, has excellent absorption into the plasma plus proven bioavailability into the cells.

  • Supports the health and function of the nervous system
  • Energy production and an active lifestyle
  • Migraine headache management
  • May assist in the maintenance of normal blood pressure in healthy individuals
  • Healthy glucose metabolism
  • Bone mineral density
  • Stress, nervous tension and mild anxiety associated with PMS
  • Cramps and pain associated with menstruation
  • Magnesium-Diasporal sachets provide precise and convenient high dose
  • Magnesium delivery
  • Magnesium-Diasporal contains only pure Magnesium