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Macular Support Formula

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Vendor: Pure Encapsulations

Product Details

This product is available exclusively from Inner Strength's Professional range, by either;

  • Providing a script/documentation from a qualified practitioner
  • For clients registered in our membership database
  • Through practitioner consultation for new clients.

To inquire about accessing this range of quality formulations click the link to register your details here 

120 Capsules

Good vision is important to a full and varied life. Therefore‚ maintaining the condition of your eyes is essential. In particular‚ the macula needs additional support. Your macula is located in the center of the retina and helps promote sharpness of vision‚ allowing you to see the world more clearly.

The bad news is that free radical damage can easily occur to the macula and its cells. That's why you need a variety of nutrients and antioxidants to fight them off. A precursor to glutathione known as N-acetyl-l-cysteine (NAC) may support macular health by working to protect the lens from oxidative damage.

A vision supplement like Macular Support Formula by Pure Encapsulations provides NAC and Setria glutathione‚ as well as other botanical ingredients. The two carotenoids naturally found in macular pigment‚ zeaxanthin and lutein‚ support its density and integrity while also maintaining the optical lens. This product provides unique forms of these carotenoids to promote increased bioavailability and absorption: FloraGlo lutein and OPTISHARP Zeaxanthin. It also contains lycopene‚ another mixed carotenoid commonly found in tomatoes.

In addition‚ bilberry provides anthocyanidins that may help your eyes better adjust to changes in light and darkness in your environment‚ while also lessening visual fatigue and tired eyes. Meanwhile‚ grape seed extract promotes a healthy balance of antioxidants in the retina. Finally‚ beta carotene (vitamin A) and two types of vitamin C give further support for ocular health.