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Vendor: Healthy Origins

Product Details

225 Grams

Healthy Fiber Clear Mixing from Healthy Origins is a dietary supplement with Sunfiber partially hydrolyzed guar gum that provides 6 grams of fiber per serving. This dietary fiber may support a healthy digestive system, may promote bowel regularity, and can be mixed with most beverages. As a dietary supplement for adults, mix 1 level scoop into 6 to 8 ounces of water or other beverage. Stir until dissolved.

Guar gum is a substance that is derived from guar beans. These beans are dehusked, milled, and screened to extract the gum. This gum may be ideal as a result of its thickening properties. Dietary fiber works by helping to add bulk and slowing the process of digestion. Guar gum is believed to provide optimal digestive support for feelings of comfort and wellness in the gastrointestinal tract.   Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.