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Ubiquinol QH

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Vendor: Douglas Laboratories

Product Details

This product is available exclusively from Inner Strength's Professional range, by either;

  • Providing a script/documentation from a qualified practitioner
  • For clients registered in our membership database
  • Through practitioner consultation for new clients.

To inquire about accessing this range of quality formulations click the link to register your details here 

 30 capsules

Ubiquinol-QH is a dieatary supplement that may improve cardiovascular health. This Douglas Labs product uses a reduced form of CoQ10 called ubiquinol to support cardiovascular processes. 


  • The ubiquinol found in this supplement may provide antioxidant protection.
  • Ubiquinol-QH helps to protect the body from the free radicals that can damage cells and negatively impact cardiovascular functions.
  • Ubiquinol may also help to repair inefficient cells, which helps to promote heart health.
  • This Douglas Labs product is formulated to maximise absorption.